Custom-Built Computers

Custom computers built by Metro Computerworks are of the highest quality and are tailored to ensure that you end up with the best computer available and adapted to your personal needs. Hand-picked and hand-tested parts are assembled right here in our North Portland office and backed by our 2-year hardware warranty. Computers built by our team are available for pickup in 3 to 5 business days.

Already have an existing computer? We can migrate your data.

All of our computers come installed with Windows 10 Home/Pro (with the dark theme), Chrome, Malwarebytes, LibreOffice, 7-Zip, and VLC Media Player. We can install Linux distributions such as Linux Mint or software such as Microsoft Office upon request. Click on a computer to learn more, get a free automated quote, and/or buy one for in-shop pickup.


The Interstate

is our starter system, suitable for home or office use, any situation where you need a fast, reliable computer with a small form factor and low power consumption. It can be mounted to the back of a monitor, and the built-in Gigabit ethernet is powerful enough stream video in HD with ease. Looking for a cheap computer that can handle your daily personal and office tasks? This is the one for you.

Starting at $699


The Fremont

is an entry-level to mid-level general PC that we often call a “daily workstation” – perfect for fast Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) use, plus fast web browsing and decent gaming potential. With the ability to run the latest CPUs, support lots of memory, and with huge expansion room for adding solid state drives, there is no shortage in upgrade potential with this computer.

Starting at $719


The Broadway

is custom built for CAD-based production professionals, built with the latest Intel Core processors and powerful NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards. With a mid-tower designer case built for six storage drives, as well as space for a CD/DVD reader, this build will handle all of your data and CAD design, while keeping quiet.

Starting at $1,049


The Gotham

is our custom gaming and graphics (animation/video editing) computer, featuring liquid cooling, the GTX 10xx Series or RTX 20xx Series, top of the line Intel Core i5/i7/i9 processors, and a powerful M.2 SSD, you’ll bask in the sweetness of a smooth 60+ FPS in all of your favorite titles, all topped off with fully-customizable RGB lighting.

Starting at $1,349

Don’t see a custom build you like? We can work with your parts list.


Hardware failure within a custom build will be fixed at no additional cost within two years of the initial purchase, assuming the failure is not caused due to negligence. Metro Computerworks may void warranty if failure is believed to be caused by liquid spill, physical damage, attempted upgrades not performed by a Metro Computerworks technician, or otherwise believed to be caused by the customer within our sole discretion. Within warranty, Metro Computerworks will cover the cost of all damaged parts sold as a part of the custom build. Once the warranty expires or is voided, Metro Computerworks may charge for replacement parts and/or labor.

Cancellation / Return / Pickup Policy

All payments on custom computers from Metro Computerworks are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded. However, we will happily offer upgrades to components on existing orders, with only the difference in parts cost to pay, and the potential delay of completion of a custom build. If you have placed an order for a custom build and wish to upgrade a component before you have picked it up, give us a call or email us.

Once a custom build has been completed, we will call and/or email you letting know that it is ready for pickup at our office. Custom builds will be available for pickup within 30 days of the completion of the build. If you are unable to pick it up within this 30 day period, contact us and we will happily provide an extension of the time period at our discretion. If the computer is not picked up and the time expires, we will recycle the parts for reuse in the next order. You may re-request the custom build for a $30 late pickup fee within six months of the initial order; after that, you will have to repurchase the computer.